Steiner-Birdsell Electric

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About Steiner-Birdsell Electric

After more than 15 years of gaining skills in the industry as an experienced electrician, our owner established this company in 2015 to cater to more residential and commercial clients around Elk Grove, California.

With our own set of goals and principles, we can operate in a way that we think best satisfies the electrical needs of our clients and lets us be innovative about the solutions we come up with. Contact us for an electrical job today!

At Steiner-Birdsell Electric, we offer main and sub panel upgrades and repairs, breaker repairs, and other electric services, such as: 

  • Backup battery charging
  • Battery backup systems for TOU defermenting
  • Commercial electrical TI installations and demolition
  • Change-outs and breaker repairing
  • Data cable installing
  • Lighting efficiency upgrading
  • Receptacle and lighting adding
  • Residential and commercial car charger installing
  • Residential and commercial standby turnkey generator installing

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Meet the Owner

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